A witch's purpose is was?


to create.
To create, for creation's own sake. A witch's purpose
is to create purpose. For themselves, and for their creation itself.
No price is too great for the birth of purpose. For through
the Grave Image, it was as the lunatic god dreamt.

Whatever must be destroyed of the old and familiar
would be destroyed. It was hardly of any loss, after all...?

Champions of the old material space, witches harnessed
the magic of human innovation. They did so with
elegance, with grace, controlling the monsters that themselves
controlled the impious hiers. They augmented the
world around them, and even their own physical bodies,
such that conceptions of "human" blurred, distorted,
and were soon mocked by their god's
Receding Euphoria and Madness.

Indeed, witches brought about a material heaven.
The moon as their guide, they made their world their own.

But really, it couldn't have lasted...
In planting the seeds of a negative entropy, their world warped
and reacted in ways that could not be predicted.

Even valuable data gathered from
the Incomprehension Conditioning Program failed to be
of assistance as their cherished moon was made to stir,
the lunatic god regaining consciousness once more.
This True Moon was left with a profound insanity.

Such that it would share with the witches and their world.
Wounds would soon open within material heaven.

True Moon?