hey... don't come all close like that!
i don't like strangers... i don't like this place...
how did i end up here? it's weird, so weird.
so i hid in the bushes... you couldn't respect that?

this is a scary place. i'm scared all of the time.
what about you? are you scared? maybe you're...
maybe, you're too dumb to be scared? ha. ha... ha.
yeah, that's - that's funny, right? you are laughing, yes?

just leave me alone. leave me alone, okay? go back.
annoy the gazer, the phantoms... maybe even those other ones
if you can find them. yeah. that's a joke, by the way.
you only find them if they want to find you. now go away.
you scare me and i do not want to see you.

...what? why are you still here? you're-
y- you're - really making me nervous. is this a joke?
it's not funny! it's sick! twisted! i'll - i might...
i might...