psst, hey. yeah, you.
i'm flowers of thought, and i'm here to
spread some juicy wisdom, just as you ordered.

have you ever felt as though there's information
you're missing? that you're not privy to?
well, there might be good reason for that.

areas often conceal additional information within
their "source." it's wrapped in a container difficult
to incorporate into the broadcast proper, and so
the data stream needs to be manually checked for it.

that's no problem for othings, but observers often struggle.
although the exact method for doing this might vary
depending on your choice of chassis, you should
be able to find a way to view this data pretty easily.

sometimes it's hardly worth much, but other times you may
find information that proves crucial in solving a
difficult test! don't let it pass you by!

i'll note, this is by far the most basic form of
obfuscation, such that it hardly qualifies at all!
while this will be helpful, don't expect to get far
without employing your own wits. good luck out there.