i play the original animal crossing title for the gamecube
quite regularly! it's a game that i quite adore.

and so, if you play the game as well, you can download my
memory card file and visit my town by mounting it to slot B,
assuming you're playing the north american release of the game.
i'll try to keep the file updated!

sharing save files is not piracy. not that i care, but it's worth pointing out.

「town of dream」

download memory card file

last updated: ...
2 KB

if you're using nintendont on a wii or wii U, just copy the file
to the saves folder on your USB drive as-is;

don't rename it!

if you're using dolphin, mount the file to slot B in the device
settings for gamecube emulation. if you are asked to rename the file,
rename it to



if you're using a gamecube console, you will need an SD card
adapter or some other way to write to memory cards.
i'm unfamiliar with the exact process.

also, i made and use a custom face mod! if you want to use
it too, you can download it. the download only includes
the modified file itself, and so you still need to
have/obtain a copy of the game.

that makes this, again, not piracy.

download face mod

143 KB .7z
832 KB extracted

how you'd go about installing this depends on how you're running
the game. a search engine will prove your friend here!

the custom face goes over this one:

see here for how to obtain that face.