hey again. not really sure where to begin on this.
like, at all. so i'll begin with what's been at the forefront
of my mind the past couple of days. heaven_online - a cool site,
you might have heard of it - was recently shared on the connect
page of terminal 00. i'm kind of floored, if i'm being perfectly
honest. angus' work has always been my biggest inspiration -
it's what got me into serious creation, really. so seeing
something i've, well, created, linked to on there has
made me extremely happy. maybe that's silly,
maybe that's not, but truly, i'm elated.

terminal 00 recieved a general update recently. a very big
one, too. it's kind of awesome, so you better give it a look!
here's a link. seeing the content of the update is itself
something that has boosted my own motivation quite significantly.

but not only am i very pleased... i also wonder if i
really deserve the mention. this is a thought that i find more
motivating than anything else, and so i am rethinking my approach
to the site's roadmap throughout next year. previously, the plan
was to finish the witching_hour content that was partially released
on halloween. this content is still in the making (it wasn't
supposed to take very long, but i found myself burnt out,)
but i wonder if perhaps i can do more than that.

there's a lot of room to build onto the site, and i don't think i
want to just work on small things and push them. and so to the end
of creating something truly special... i think i will buckle down
and begin serious work on a very major update indeed. the remaining
witching_hour content, completion of the puzzle paths, the
ever-teased archives... along with entirely different material
i can't get into just yet. this will take a very long time...
but i feel i can do it. that i can make
2022 a very big year for my work.

now, i should probably talk a bit more about the site's
relationship with terminal 00. or rather my own relationship
with terminal 00 as heaven_online's creator. heaven_online
underwent two (three?) distinct overhauls early on - being
scrapped nearly in its entirety on both occasions. and even
before heaven_online, i had attempted thrice to try and make
a terminal 00-esque net art website. it took a long time for me
to find my footing, and it all stemmed from seeing terminal 00 -
the product of vast amounts of effort - and having a juvenile
"i can do that!" reaction. it was foolish, really.

of course, i couldn't "do that." angus is extremely good at what
he does. i am also quite good at what i do, but i don't think
these are quite the same things. but i didn't know that
right away, and so early on, much of my work was rather
obnoxious in its riffing of angus' work. over time however,
i believe i found my niche, and have been able to create
something with its own identity, without losing the
terminal-born magic that inspired me in the first
place, and continues to inspire me.

there's one thing that all of this has taught me more
than anything else, and while it may sound corny, it's
undeniable. i fucking love this shit. and if i'm going
to do it justice, i need to pour a serious amount
of energy into it. thanks for your patience.