oh my... where to start today? the past week has been...
interesting. i finally resumed work on putting this
website together. this time it's got a bit of a
"see this through to the end" feeling going on...
i don't think i have it in me to abandon it again.
there's so much to do, though, and it's why i've finally
made some changes to my daily life with it in mind.

i'm on a bit of a hiatus from socials like twitter
and discord. they're honestly just a real distraction.
i tend to overshare, too, which itself also hurts the
contents of the site. i need to take some time away
from these places if i want my art - such as this site -
to be at its best. or really, to be done at all.
i'm sure i'll be back in due time, though i
don't think i'll ever be quite as active
in these places as i used to be.

i've also put together a bit of a to-do list for
the site to refer back to, and log new ideas as they
arrive. i'm hoping i can focus better - and be somewhat
less chaotic with the updates and their contents
- in having this hearty spoonful of structure.

my plan before this sudden shift in mentality was to go
straight to creating the pages making up the archives.
it's still something that's going to be done, but as i
pondered a to-do list, i realized there were several
other things i wanted to do as well. so, right now
i'm hammering away at those. however, finishing the
archives is still the threshold at which i'll be
willing to check back into the greater internet.

now... you know what they say...
all work and no play makes momo a dull girl...
they said that, right?

so i'm also doing some other things when i'm a
little too tired to be doing pages. i really enjoy
cooking - i've learned a lot of cool ways to do up
a mean fried ramen. i've also been playing a bit of
video games. more than anything, i've been enjoying
the super mario 64 pc port along with osu!taiko.
gosh, taiko is great. i don't play the other osu! modes
though. i stumbled upon a taiko beatmap of the entire 1000
gecs album, too. twenty minutes of difficult taiko?
that's fucked up. it's a good album,
though. go listen to it.

and then, there's another of my favorite things --
going for walks! i've gotten to know the small town i live in
quite well, and on mild days there's really nothing better
to collect your thoughts. the open ocean is also only across
the street from my place. seeing a cold
sunset come over it... it's really something.

alright, that's about it from me for now.
i have lot to do and am feeling a bit more motivated
than i usually do. which is good. i have to seize this
while it's here, so i bid you farewell.