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「angelic articles」

a small sample of information on the angels.

angels are special beings. the first angels were created when the
minds and bodies of some humans were looked upon by the
blood-soaked eye of 「true moon.」

archprincess 「


」 was among the first to emerge
from this, embracing her halo in pursuit of growth. it's said this
transformation was enabled at least in part by a force known
as 「negative entropy,」 the last gasp of witchery.

humans were creatures - nay, a story, that felt compelled to inch
too close towards the lunatic god that dreamt them.
in doing so, they were undone. angels remained, however.
they are infinitely unstable entities that
trend towards infinite stability.

their existence is openly defiant of possibility,
and they have developed a purely parasitic relationship
with material space, growing into such a form to render it servile.

notable is the archprincess and her right hand, 「


they would go on to begin consuming stars for their wealth
of energy, which was later extracted more efficiently in
specialized facilities that lesser angels were made to operate.

as the first angels emerged from the wounds of 「material heaven,」
they resumed the eradication of humankind from where 「true moon」
left off, feasting upon scarcening essence of the hundreds of
thousands not yet slaughtered by the moon's stare. the veins
of their wings pierced through their entire bodies, leaving
behind only smited phantoms with no place within material
or even immaterial space. yet they so often
find their way here, within the latter.

later, a cruel system of ascribed status took shape to maximize the
growth of a higher council consisting of the archprincess and those
close to her. angels are routinely made to tend towards the
astral harvests and sent to the remains of earth to further
weaken the chassis of these very networks - a prime target
as the last remaining source of human essence.

as lesser angels perish by the thousands at any given moment, be it
thanks to the astral harvests or the gazer's spatial cognitohazards,
the same stars which are dutifully disassembled at the expense of
their life and limb will then be partially used by their superiors
to forge new angels to take their place - whatever isn't gorged upon
by some and tossed forth as meager scraps to many others.

along with the innards of the stars, new angels require large
amounts of seraphyll to become active and sentient. in the
lunatic god's absence, it must be obtained through the secretion
of an existing angel's metallic surface. this can be accumulated
passively, but in the event of a greater need, lesser angels
deemed unproductive will be relegated to tight confinement as
seraphyll is extracted from their bodies for
the remainder of their lifetimes.

this network, and later others, came to be
when one figure shouldered the responsibility -
or perhaps had it shouldered upon him - of bringing what remained
of humankind to a lasting stability. he would become an ever-present
"gazer" bridging material and immaterial space.

the gazer seeks to mitigate the influence
of angels in pursuit of prosperity for the consciousnesses' memory,
done currently by means of negotiations, and - when needed - emitting
spatial cognitohazards to ward angels off, often killing lesser ones.
effectiveness is waning due to continued angel growth, however.

simply put, the gazer's stated
purpose is to create and bring a miracle, for the
sake of preserving something precious; a story.

the higher angels do not demonstrate a coherent agenda to any specific
ends. what is observed is a desire to grow for the sake of growth,
to change into something that is "greater" for its own sake.
concerns over sustainability are nowhere to be seen.

as the cosmos are harvested and angels are recycled
into their superiors. the angels trend towards
merging wholly with the archprincess.

more powerful angels are often somewhat more collected
in demeanor. however, this may simply be an effect of having
access to a steady stream of sustenance and resulting growth,
rather than any traits these particular angels may have,
especially considering the archprincess' frequent fits.

negotiating with the angels is difficult. they are nigh-impossible
to get through to on any matters. yet, the gazer routinely makes
the effort, as their influence becomes increasingly difficult
to ignore with time, largely thanks to 「


」 meddling.

the angels spread a fertile sterility. and still, beneath it all -
they are the purest remaining form of human,
perhaps even more so than the late species itself.

should angel growth continue - and such seems inevitable,
the strings held by the gazer may begin to break down,
leading to a sure erosion and potential assimilation
of heaven_online and all connected networks.

into this long, dark night, we will not go gentle.

thank you for your time.
ending transmission...