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「what do we have here?」

are you an idiot? are you a fucking moron?
this place isn't for you. it's for me and my phantasmic friends.
you can't go back, though. you may as well come in closer.
maybe we'll break you. i might even pull your eye
out of that cute little socket. it could be useful.
we need lots of things for what we've been up to...

oh, to become real once again...
the idols are our only chance...
for only they can bridge from the holes in the walls.
can they hear us? no... we must rebuild them ourselves.

if you have any issues with these goals of ours,
you should take it up with me, personally.
so i can make sure the gazer doesn't see you again.
you're ours now, you know!

for a proper experience, you should view us from
a 「? ? ? ? ? ?,」 and with a 「999999999x999999999」 resolution.

while most blood should suffice, ideal materials are
best derived from data-rich blood.

it is also recommended that you err.

! ! !

your demise is available on perfect_hell here.

number of pages dead forever:

「 999999999999999999 」

last updated: 99.99.9999 99:99 ああ

first visit since then? this'll be fun!

we've made note of some errors that we believe are
worth our while. your swift end is most assured!