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「what is heaven_online?」

heaven_online is a network with a story to tell.
it carries information which must only be broadcast
through a channel such as this one. it will have much
to show you, should you lend an ear and an eye.
it is 「momo's」 most pressing project.

from this receding tide to your own...
please hear our message, and heed our warning.
this breath must not be wasted.

if for whatever reason, this does not suffice,
the faq page will answer questions.
those that can, at least, be answered
by 「momo」 as a mere phantom.

for a proper experience, you should view the network from
a 「desktop computer,」 and with a 「1920x1080」 resolution.

while most 「desktop browsers」 should suffice, ideal form is
only promised to 「chromium-based browsers.」

it is also recommended that you give this website audio permissions
to do away with the pop-up you may have seen.

this site's framework is available on github here.

number of pages currently online:


last updated: ...

first visit since then? clear your cache!

「other sites」

"i quite admire these web-based works, some of which were
highly influential in leading me to create a site of my own.
they're all great, so please give them a bit of your time.
do be aware that these sites were


created by me."

you will leave heaven_online.

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wired sound for wired people'

david denison's

973 eht namuh 973


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