For years uncountable, quietly, it had been brewing.

A fine work of witchery,


A self-propagating
mass of life. Something that could, many hoped, restore a
fertility to the dying world around them. Swarm takes the shape
of a gelatinous substance, its viscosity and color highly volatile.
It can solidify and reshape itself to form systems, and using a
derivative of doll technology, it can turn waste into swarm.

Swarm was used freely, bringing new life to Earth,
lush neo-forests flourishing. It could be so active, sometimes,
that it seemed even as though the ecosystem itself had a mind
all its own. This new world, composed of swarm, would become
known as material heaven.

But of course, it can never be quite so simple.

Swarm would be routinely identified in places it
should not be. Pockets of swarm were found inside
buildings, such as schools and hospitals, and trace amounts
were even observed at the lowest points of the sea.

Most disturbingly... swarm would be seen burrowing
through the surface of the moon. How it ended up
there remains unknown, but a common hypothesis among
immaterial post-witches is that it was launched
at great speeds when the imperishable lakes
were provoked by the exceedingly high
temperatures of summer 2162.

However it occured, there were fears over how
swarm may react to the thin, tenuous atmosphere of
the moon. Indeed, the swarm seemed to follow gravity to the
moon's core. Knowing what the moon held within,
this warranted grave concern.

Swarm reached deep into the soil of lunacy, and as it travelled
down, it came into contact with that which evades description.
That which was sleeping, dreaming. The lunatic god was, for the
first time, touched by that which it dreamt into being.
A wire was crossed. A cosmic trust was broken.

It woke, peppering its chassis' surface with veins, teeth,
perhaps something even resembling a heart. The first effects
of this were observed as the mass of the moon began to somehow
decrease, causing highly erratic weather
patterns, even for the era.

But as it had awoken, it saw fit to pay a visit
to those which it had happened to create in its slumber.
Those that felt so daring as to disturb it.
And so, eyeing the world below, It drew closer.

As noises beyond compare bellowed out, humans of all
stripes rushed outdoors in panic.
And when they looked upon the night sky...

They found that it looked back.

End of a world?