A most lovely work of witchery:

"The Incomprehension Conditioning Program is here
to help you and your pathetic flesh contend
with new phases! Please Join Nela, the
ever-changing knight, in her journies
throughout a world of wonder!

You will see great sights, and
learn about Nela. More importantly, you will learn
about yourself, and never be overcome with
Entropy Deprivation Debilitation again!
The adventure is neverending!"

- Excerpt from 2171's ICP mailout

~ Enjoy watching Nela blossom! ~

"The Incomprehension Conditioning Program
has been permanently discontinued due to
emergence of 【 ♥ TRUE ♦ LOVE ♥ 】
on behalf of the Nela entity.

Efforts to quell its usurping along with
the further meddling of the VBF entity are ongoing.

All that took part are encouraged to report to
their sector's assigned witch contact for disposal."

- The entirety of 2196's ICP mailout