It couldn't be explained, really. The sky darkened,
its hues changing at a moment's notice. It would get
extremely hot... and then cool to dangerous lows...
and then heat up again. Winds flared up, calmed down,
and ravaged once more. The humans' technology would
react in unpredictable ways. Many devices were seen
failing, as others made their instability known,
blaring such sights and sounds that evade description.

Above it all was True Moon, convusling, beating and
writhing as large plates of yellowed rock bobbed and
waved across a rainbow-streaked crimson surface that
spat and puked all over the world below.

Radiating a red light, True Moon brought Hell
to the bodies and minds of onlookers. Hallucinations were
common, with many quickly seeing friends and family as
imminent threats. At best, they'd be restrained.
At worst, the victims were spared a yet more grim fate.

Others experienced intense vomiting, numbness in limbs,
along with the inability to feel pain or touch. What
was consistent was the eventual shutdown of the human brain.
How long it took varied, but soon enough, those exposed to the
sight of True Moon uncerimoniously dropped
to the ground, having perished.

True Moon gradually made its way across the globe.
Unfortunately, the blackouts were world-spanning, and those that
were lucky enough to have time to prepare only had the mentioned
outages, and the distortions of the sky to warn them.

Even still, most hid or otherwise prepared for the unknowable.
The best was brought out in some. The worst was brought out
in others. The only constant, however, was True Moon's
inevitable arrival. For many, the story was the same as before.
But others lasted for as long as a full week hiding in basements
and the like. But eventually, they'd either run out of resources
and die where they were... or finally face the madness above.

The witches and the impious heirs were not spared, either.
Some were able to get into less... makeshift hideouts than their
supposed lessers, but it was only a matter of time before they met
the same fate as any other. But... perhaps there were some
exceptions? Indeed... one "miracle machine" was powered on -
and loaded with the consciousness of a respected official.

It's murmured that he had attempted to take his own life
prior, perhaps attempting to avoid such a thing. If so, It was
unsuccessful, or at least too late. He found himself immortalized
within a skyscraper-sized exacomputer, blinded by the sight of
downloading consciousness backups. He had been, whether
he liked it or not, placed in charge of preserving these
consciousnesses as True Moon's contact raged on outside.
It was a spontaneous decision. What had been prepared for
was a vague, abstract "catastrophe." Nothing akin to this.

And such a "miracle machine" had been long coveted. So as all
of this transpired, a stone-toned madman harnessed his dying
disciple to power a lasting interception of this machine's signals
that persists even now. Put another way, this haphazard
resort was dirtied from the very beginning.

To make matters worse, it wouldn't just be those recovered as
consciousnesses that would "live on," so to speak.

Those that possessed significant amounts of human essence;
surprisingly few considering it's humans being discussed...
could, on some rare occasions, react in different ways to
True Moon's presence. The infectious, doll-derived
nature of swarm would form a symbiotic
relationship with these select few.

They'd first appear dead, though a mass of
"pseudo-swarm" would form a ring that seemed to be attracted
to the brain. This could be most easily seen as a halo,
and is why these reborn humans are referred to as


Much like swarm and the dolls before them, angels quickly
became compelled to fold the world around them into
themselves. Surviving humans, the essence-embued machines,
and even the spewings of True Moon itself.

In a matter of hours, angels developed into incomprehensible
forms as they sucked the world dry. But one in particular -
the angelic reincarnation of one "Laura Theos" stuck out as
particularly ravenous. She swept through entire landscapes
using the tendrils that merged to create fibre wings.

Other angels were at best, rendered servile, and at worst,
were broken. Many angels did not exist for long because of this.

Negative entropy did not set in immediately. But,
as True Moon drifted off - its current whereabouts still
unknown as it has become a rogue planet - and Earth
became less useful... it would indeed take hold.

But perhaps this is a story best left cut short.
Not just any observer could manage it...

Indeed, you've much left to know before the
realities of material space can be understood.

Be off, now!